Frequently Asked Questions

Training Programs

We start with a questionnaire to get an understanding of your goals, preferences, physical characteristics, and experience. From there we get on a video call with you to further discuss your goals. We then customize a plan for you (We don't just choose from 10 pre-made plans like most trainers do). We email the program to you and then we get on the phone one more time to run through the program before you get started. As the program continues on, we will continue to make modifications as necessary.

We deliver our programs using the TrueCoach app. It will list each exercise including reps, weight, sets, rest, and notes for your workouts. It will include 2-4 days of workouts per week according to your preferences.

With some input from us, this is up to you! The program is completely customized to your preferences.

That is up to you! We train people at home with no equipment as well as people with gym memberships. Remember, it is customized to you. We recommend having some equipment, but that isn't required.

Resistance bands are an inexpensive option that have great benefits. A few dumbbells can also help you reach your goals.