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As a family, we love to workout, hike, camp, and play sports. We were both collegiate athletes and played football and women's soccer at Brigham Young University. We absolutely love to compete and are known by our friends and family as being extremely competitive. Along with being competitive, we love to eat clean and feel healthy. However, we are big believers in "all things in moderation" so we also enjoy a large popcorn at the movies or eat out as a family. Our six-year old, Blakely, loves to train with us and frequently leads her little sister, Eden, in impromptu dance parties. We are excited to share what we are so passionate about with all of you!

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  • BYU Women's Soccer Alumni
  • Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science
  • Marathon Runner
  • Mother of three
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  • Former BYU Football Player
  • Mentored by an advanced strength & conditioning coach for 4 years
  • 8 years of experience in writing fitness plans
  • Basketball and football captain in high school

Core Values

  • We are Dedicated Teammates
  • We are Passionate
  • We are Progress, not Perfection
  • We are Always Learning
Haden and Camille Ready to Train

Training Emphasis

  • Train like an athlete by building strength, power, and speed
  • Supplement with movements that make you feel good and improve longevity
  • Focus on balance and a realistic approach instead of overworking and burning out


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Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain weight, or just get stronger. We will create a program to help you reach your goals. Your program can be customized to prepare you for a marathon or get your bench press up to your goal weight.

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We have a lot of experience in the exercise realm. We both have experience training as collegiate athletes, creating fitness plans, and being mentored by world class trainers. Camille has experience staying strong and in shape through and after pregnancy with three kids.

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Your progress is our promise!

If you don't see progress after completing your program, we will refund you your money. We are confident that the program will meet your expectations and we will make adjustments if it doesn't.